Customer Care Issues In Self Storage

Customer rage has been on the raise constantly. 50% of the 1,003 respondents had a problem with their purchase. It was only 45% in the previous year. These were some of the findings from the Arizona State University’s W.P. Carey School of Business survey in the year 2013. 68% of the respondents were very upset while this number was just 60% in 2011. Customer dissatisfaction incidents have been shared on the social networking sites. 35% of the people talked about their problem on internet. It was only 19% in the year 2011. The reach and effects of it are more because of social media.

When these problems were addressed smoothly, customer’s satisfaction will increase and he/she would become more loyal. It can be the other way if not handled professionally. If you are owner or in top management of self storage business, you need to make sure that your customers find great satisfaction in your customer care services. You need to educated your staff in this regard. To achieve this you need to take a few measures.

First impression is the best impression. It leaves a lasting impression on customer. So, you need to impress your customer in your first call or meet. You need to put in your maximum effort to win the customer.

The customer care guy should have very good communication skills. He should be well versed with your customer care practices. He should have knowledge of everything related to your storage unit and it’s policies.

Personalized treatment from the self storage representative would leave a positive impression on the client. You need to treat the client the same way that you would like to be treated.

Your customer care guy should give the impression that he can answer every query and solve any problem. This is essential to make your customer trust your storage unit. He should never shows signs of impatience while dealing with the customers.

Your customer care representative is more knowledgeable than the customer so he must be able to offer your services much before the customer asks for it. He should guide the customer choose the right storage unit for his needs.

If there is a complaint from the customer, your CSR must express his regret and give immediate help to fix it. The CSR should be calm and not lose his balance even if the customer raises his voice over his complaint.

The customer should be explained of what caused the problem. Most important is to initiate proper steps to solve the actual problem.

Finally, value your customers. Communicate with them regularly. Listen and understand them. Accept their suggestions and implement them. Make them feel valued. Review the cause of every negative comment from them.

It doesn’t matter even if you get so many new customers if they happen to lose them quickly. Also, It costs more to attract new customers than to keep the existing customers. Remember, customer care is also ‘marketing’.