Choosing the Right Color for Your Garage Door

You should consider various factors, when it comes to buying a new garage door. Some of the most important ones are price, durability, warranty, features, material composition, style, and color. Yes, color! In this case, numerous homeowners make a major mistake: they go for a vibrant color that highlights the garage door, instead of downplaying it.

Painting Your Garage Door Wisely

To bring out the best in your beautiful, shiny, you’ll need more than a few gallons of paint and the right painting utensils. You need to have great taste and an unbelievable attention to detail. If you have invested in custom-made, awesome-looking doors, it makes sense to paint them in a bright, attention-grabbing color.

Otherwise, if you are one of the many homeowners who do not have any special reasons to take pride in their otherwise dull garage doors, opt for a neutral color matching the architectural style and the color theme of your entire property.

The Dos and Don’ts of Garage Door Painting

You can paint your garage door on your own, without any help from a professional painter and still obtain excellent results as long as you follow a few basic rules. You could choose to paint the door in the same tone as your house, if you don’t want your garage to stand out. This way, your property would also seem bigger and more imposing. Painting it in white (if your house is not white) or in the exact shade of your shutters or front door will put your garage in the center of everyone’s attention.

It is not recommended to use more than one color to accentuate the decorative details that may be positioned on the door. This approach may be suitable for historic structures, but it is definitely considered a counterproductive practice when it comes to painting standard, boring garage doors.

A Rainbow of Possibilities

In the end, the results should reflect your taste, your vision, and your personal preferences. Nonetheless, note that a neon green garage could never attract compliments like a magnet, boost the curb appeal of your home, and blend in with all the other architectural details displayed by your property. Here’s the golden rule that will help you avoid tasteless extreme makeovers: keep it simple and avoid powerful contrasts. Make sure the new color will compliment all the exterior features of your home and make it look more appealing in any light. For instance, painted in discrete shades of red, reddish brown or pale orange could be perfect for brick homes.

In addition, there are numerous ways you can draw people’s attention to your front entrance. You could choose to paint your front door in a lovely, bright color, you could display some attractive potted plants or plant shrubs in front of the house, or you could simply place a bench or any other decorative element in this area. These simple tips will enable you to downplay your garage doors and take pride in a classy, envy-generating property with a consistent look.