Choose the Best Garden Sheds for Your Home

As with anything you choose in life, garden sheds are one of those things you need to choose with care and consideration since this can alter your home’s theme and décor altogether, looking either out of place or blending in perfectly. While it may be just a shed to most, garden sheds have actually become more than just a place you can store your shovels in.

For one, you will need to decide to what use you will be putting your shed to – is it for ornamental purposes or something decidedly more like turning it to an extra guest room or an actual home for an elderly relative? Yes, these structures can also be inhabited given that you follow the regulations concerning dimensions and measurements so that it adheres to your local building codes about sheds being turned to homes.

Next, you should focus on choosing the right style and size for your home. Make sure you measure the space correctly and consider any obstructions that can interfere with your construction and safety requirements. Think about what you will be storing in your sheds so that you can build a space to fit them all. It may be prudent to note that you can buy sheds two ways – via brick-and-mortar stores and online where you can either download shed plans or order prefabricated ones.

As far as style goes, you also need to choose the type of wall construction, which usually comes down to tongue and groove and overlapping. The overlapping style is the more traditional one and is also cost-effective and gives your sheds a rustic look. The tongue and groove on the other hand, offers better protection, stronger structures and a more professional finish.

Of course, you know that sheds can be bought in a variety of materials like metal/steel, wood and plastic. Your choices will depend on both your personal preferences and the benefits each material offers. These days, wood and timber-framed sheds are quite popular due to the fact that wood is the most sustainable building material so it is good for the environment. It is also the most customizable and the one that blends in with most home themes and decors.

The only downside to wood is the fact that you need to treat it annually to keep it from succumbing to rotting. Wood is also susceptible to insects as well as harsh weather conditions so if you do choose this material, make sure you get the appropriate treatments and maintenance for it. Metal/steel on the other hand is sturdy but like wood it is also subject to some amount of damage like rusting. Plastic on the other hand, can warp and fade over time but is the easiest to install among the three and the least expensive as well.

And last but certainly not the least, you also need to choose the features that you want to include in your sheds. Most people prefer to install windows and build sheds that resemble log cabins or cottage-style houses. The most important thing to remember is that it should blend in well with its surroundings because nobody likes a structure that sticks out like a sore thumb in their backyard and doesn’t do anything for it except make it look unorganized.