Learn To Be Smarter Than A Burgler! Read Here To Learn How

Burglaries, sometimes known as home invasions, are on the rise. Just read the papers or watch the news or, better yet, call your local police station. You’ll see that every house is a target unless you get prepared in advance.

One of the results of being burglarized besides the trauma to your family is the loss of money, whether it is actual cash or your valuable belongings that you have to replace.

This is quite alarming and since we are living in hard economic times it is even more important to keep the burglars at bay. We all work too hard to give it away to some creep who is too lazy to legally work for his money.

The most basic step in preventing house break-ins is to ensure the simplest and most obvious precautions that people tend to forget. This includes locking your doors and windows when leaving your house as well as keeping track of your spare keys.

Though home burglaries may seem random in occurrence they actually involve a very selective process. Burglars go for the easiest target and something that amounts to some financial gain.

So what is the best way to increase the invader’s risk and decrease your own? There are many Home Security devices that will go a long way in deterring break-ins.

A Home Security System basically involves placing door and window alarms as well as other motion detectors at the major entry points around your house. When an intruder tries to get into your home, the alarm goes off with a very loud noise which will panic this creep and make him run away.

If you can’t afford a complete Security System, don’t worry because you can buy the individual components separately. There are many different Door and Window Alarms available, from a door brace to one that sounds the alarm. There is even one that barks like a very large dog when someone approaches your house. Pretty cool!

Learn to be smarter than a burglar. Arm all of your doors including the one going from your garage to your house with Door Alarms and do the same with your windows.

You should also inform your neighbors that you have alarms in your house because they will probably hear them if someone sets one off. Ask your neighbor to call 911 if he or she hears the alarm. Of course you can’t completely rely on your neighbor so it is your responsibility to call the police.

Finally, do not tempt a thief. Keep your lawn mower, bicycle, barbecue and other valuables out of sight. Do not keep these things outside or near windows. If you need some of your valuables available, e.g. spare money or your credit cards, then use a Diversion Safe.

These are everyday household goods that are hollowed out. That way you can put these valuables right inside of a can of Ajax Cleanser or a can of corn and leave it in your closet. No burglar would waste his time looking through all your cans. And, your valuables will be safe and easily available to you.

Keeping your home and valuables safe can be easy and inexpensive if you just take the time to plan so you won’t be the next victim of a home invasion.