How To Repair A Deadbolt Lock

It’s common for the lock mechanism of your door to jam from time to time as a result of inserting and removing the key regularly. The cool thing is that you can easily repair the lock. If your house has a deadbolt lock, here are the steps that you should follow to repair the lock:

How to repair a deadbolt lock

You should start by opening the door open and tighten all the hinge screws using a screwdriver. If you find that a screw doesn’t tighten you should replace it with a 2 ½ inch wood screw that will easily bite into the wall stud.

Experts say that doorjambs are quite thin thus screws usually pull out of them especially when they are supporting a heavy entrance door. When you tighten the screws you stabilize the hinges which will most likely correct the problem with the lock.

If you tighten the screws and still the problem persists you should extend the bolt. Here you should close the door and mark all the positions of the top and bottom of the bolt on the jamb using a pencil.

You should then open the door and confirm if the marks are aligned with the top and bottom of the strike opening. If the marks don’t line up you should fix them by grinding the top edge of the strike.

This will correct the misalignment of 1/8inch or less. If the misalignment is greater than 1/8 inch you should unscrew and remove the strike, chisel out the opening and reposition the strike in order to line up with the new opening. You should then fill the screw holes with epoxy putty and drill new holes for screws.

If the lock mechanism doesn’t turn, you should disassemble the lock. To do this you need to remove the rosette from the handle inside the door and unscrew the two bolts that hold the lock together. You should then pull the lock apart and spray a lubricant on the mechanism. After this you should reassemble the lock.


This is how you should repair a deadbolt. To avoid injuring yourself always ensure that you wear protective gear. For example, you should ensure that you protect your eyes by wearing goggles. If you are having a hard time repairing the lock you should consider hiring the services of a professional locksmith. For ideal results always go for a locksmith who is experienced in handling the work.