Door Alarms – How Door Alarms Can Help Deter a Home Invasion

Door Alarms are a great way to deter a burglar from getting into your house. Yet most people only put these devices on their front door for protection.

But what about the back door, your side doors or your garage door? These areas also need alarms to let you know that you have unwanted people in your house.

If a burglar is just someone who is inexperienced, he will most likely just try your front door and the Door Alarm will work perfectly and scare the creep away.

However, if the burglar has been doing this for a while he will usually look your house over before attempting to break in.

There are many things he can look for:

1. He might drive by your house a couple of times or even loiter around and watch your house for activity – what doors are used most often, are there any obvious alarms on the doors, etc.

2. Are there any teenagers in the house and is there any chance of them sneaking back in the house at 2 am when the burglar wanted to do his home invasion?

3. Is there a dog in the house? Burglars don’t like dogs, especially big dogs. If you don’t have a dog, then there is a wonderful Door Alarm product that detects motion up to 15 feet away when the ‘dog’ alarm will actually start barking viciously, just as if you had a real, nasty dog! Not too many people would try to get into a house with a barking dog, especially if it’s a big one.

4. Is there a garage attached to the house? If so, then there will be a door connecting it to the house which is another place of entry for the burglar. Also, does the owner have his or her garage door open during the day or even overnight?

5. Has the mail piled up or are there newspapers laying around on the ground? This shows that nobody has been home for a while and is not there now. What better place to rob!

6. And there are many other things he can observe about your house before making his decision to burglarize.

After collecting this information the bad guy has a pretty good idea of your situation and how he should try to enter your house.

Don’t forget – these scenarios also apply to your office, store and even your warehouse so get prepared and safe-guard your doors.

Don’t be the next victim of a crime! Door Alarms are a fantastic protection against burglars. Make sure that you have them on each door in your home.