Roofing Renos

When renovating your home you are adding more space to the square footage and usually upping the appraisal value all at the same time. While more rooms means more flooring will be needed, it more often than not also means that you will need to either extend or re-build your roof as well. Sometimes, even when you just want a change, renovating your roof alone can make your home more appealing. When you think that a roof is a whopping forty percent of your home’s visible exterior, re-doing a roof, for whatever reason is a sound investment while adding to the all important curb appeal of your home.

Sometimes, your add-on renovation occurs at the side of your existing home. Other times people expand the back of the home or add a second floor. Depending on your renovation, there are a few different roofing ideas you can choose.

A shed roof is a single slope that attaches to the original house at a high point and then slopes down to the outer wall of you extension. While this look can be beautiful if done right, it can also look very obvious, allowing everyone to see where the addition occurred. Extending your existing roof is another option that doesn’t look obvious and keeps with the lines of your home.

A gable roof is defined as two slopes that meet in a peak down the middle of a roof. This type of roof can add interest and character to your home and make it look like the new addition has always been a part of the original home.

Complimentary to a lot of rooflines is the addition of dormers, a small gable roof that goes to a 90 degree angle from the main roof. This is a great idea if you are renovating or adding a second story to your home.

While you are contemplating roof reno’s, don’t forget the all important ventilation systems that can reduce attic heat, moisture and condensation, prevent the weather from getting in and also prevent ice-dams from occurring. It is also a good time to decide if you need new or complementary roofing materials to make your house look its best.

Other things to keep in mind with any renovation is do you need a permit to proceed and do you need to gut your existing roof in order to get the new roof of your dreams. Renovations are expensive and time consuming, but the outcome is well worth it!