Reasons You Should Install Copper Gutter Guards

Your home is your most precious possession that reflects your personal tastes and preferences. It’s like your own piece of dream turning into reality. It is therefore quite obvious that you would not like to make any kind of compromises with the safety, protection and appearance of your house.

Rain gutters are installed with the purpose of channeling out water from the roof of your house to an appropriate place in order to protect your house from water damages. Various kinds of materials can be used to make these gutters that you have to choose from as per your requirements, tastes and above all affordability. Among the several choices you have, one of the most elegant and beneficial options is that of a copper gutter. Let us discuss some of the advantages of using copper for your rain gutter:

  • The most important aspect that makes copper a popular choice is that it can immensely add to the beauty of your house. It has an elegant and sophisticated look that sets your home apart from other houses in the neighborhood. Moreover, with the passage of time and exposure to the outer elements, copper forms a coating known as patina. The patina, which is mostly green in colour, protects the gutters from further corrosion, no matter what kind of weather condition they are exposed to. However, if you prefer the original color, you have to apply sealants on the gutters to prevent the patina from forming on them.
  • These gutters are highly durable and are capable of tolerating any kind of environmental conditions without rusting or rotting. Even if you expose these gutters to the extremes of the weather, they would never lose their functionality. This means that copper gutters are almost maintenance-free. You don’t have to bear the expenses of repairing and maintaining them frequently.
  • Apart from being highly resistant to corrosion, these gutters can efficiently serve the purpose of being fungicides and Algaecides, thereby preventing the formation and growth of unwanted elements such as moss and lichens. This helps immensely in protecting the gutters against blockages and other kinds of functional problems.
  • These gutters are available in a wide range of variety, providing you with a number of options. They are available in rounded shapes as well as conventional rectangular shapes. They can also be made with customized designs on them. And if you prefer a rustic and rugged look, you can allow the patina to form on them and turn their color into green.

However, despite innumerable advantages, copper gutters do have a few disadvantages as well. It is not possible for you to install these gutters on your own. They have to be installed by professionals using special methods and equipment. Hence the initial costs for their installation can be quite high. However, this initial cost gets balanced with their low maintenance and repairing costs. So if you hesitate to install them owing to the initial expenses you would have to bear, consider it as a one-time investment that would help you to save further costs.