What To Do When Mice Bait Does Not Work

All of my life I have been told that dolphins are among the smartest creatures in the world. However, after many years of dealing with various pests and infestations of all kinds I must say that I totally disagree! Mice are hands down some of the craftiest and most resilient creatures you will ever run into. And as such there are times when mice bait and traps will simply not work.

So what actually is the best way to kill mice in the house? Well, let me first address something that you must accept as a homeowner or renter. As long as you live in an environment that is conducive to mice being comfortable there is no way that you will ever be rid of them. I know it’s a tough pill to swallow but if I had a penny for every homeowner that apparently doesn’t seem to understand that reality I would have been a multimillionaire a long time ago. In order to permanently solve a mice infestation problem you must first solve the root cause of it.

Make It Uncomfortable

Like all rodents mice have to two primary missions in life and that is to eat and reproduce. Maybe that is one of the reasons why they are so resilient, they are quite clear on their purpose. Now that you realize this I’m pretty sure that you can understand what happens if you leave exposed garbage around, food crumbs on the kitchen counter, and allow your home or apartment to become cluttered and disorganized. If you all don’t understand I will give you a visual. Imagine a party promoter going outside of his house and putting up bandit sign that says “free drinks and food inside,” well this is what you are doing in front of the rodent world when you allow your living environment to become that way. Therefore one of the best ways to permanently rid your home of mice is to maintain a clean environment and remove their food source. But what if you did all of that and even laid out mice bait and it didn’t work? At that point it’s time to consider different approaches to solve your problem. Let’s examine a couple of them.

Go High Tech

One approach you may want to consider is going high tech. You can use mouse traps that have an electronic sensor to detect when mice are present.

Now the reason why this may be a great idea is due to the fact that an electronic sensor is sensitive enough to activate the snapping mechanism when a mouse who is not adult size is snooping around the bait. You see folks there are times when the main reason why the trap did not work is because the mouse may not be full grown and simply don’t weigh enough to trigger the trap. So your bait ends up gone and they are somewhere enjoying light meal.

Move It Around

Another simple thing you can do is to simply relocate your mouse traps. As I have stated earlier mice are resilient and they often don’t do the same exact thing over and over again. So you may want to just move your traps around to other areas where you have noticed some activity. Out of all the types of pest infestation you can have we have definitely found that mice infestation tends to cause the most frustration because it requires some diligence on the homeowner’s part to combat them and permanently get rid of them. This means you may have to constantly tweak your approach and identify different high traffic areas but believe me folks it’s well worth the effort because once your home or apartment is no longer inviting to mice or rodents of any kind they tend to go elsewhere and I am pretty sure that this is what you all want.