What Is Green Pest Control?

Green pest control is a technique for pest management that uses regular monitoring and documentation to decide if treatment is needed. It employs a combination of strategies and practices to hold unwanted pests numbers at low levels to avoid unacceptable annoyance or damage to your property. Green pest control isn’t going to do away with the application of pesticides. However, it will reduce the risk associated with it. To reduce the risk of pesticides and achieve efficient pest control, five critical steps should be implemented. The first step is inspection. The second step is diagnosis. The third step is prescription. The fourth step is application, and the last step is evaluation.

The Inspection

Inspection will involve asking ques­tions of the consumer and evaluating the building extensively to find out as much as possible about the pest issues. In the course of the inspection, search for harbor­age locations and problems of moisture content, heat or darkness which favor infesta­tions; food and water that can be used by pests; and the actual evidence of infestation. A good inspection will give you an indication on what methods to take in the green pest control approach.

The Diagnosis

Diagnosis includes proper identification of the pest during the inspection. Sometimes there is evidence of pest activity by examining droppings or cast skins. Once the pest is properly identified then we move to the next step of the prescription

The Prescription

Prescription consists of what, how, when and exactly where to use the preferred pest management to correct pest issues. Prescription is only used after the inspec­tion. All details surrounding the pest problem should be identified.

The prescription can include one or more of these techniques: (a) good housekeeping; (b) exclusion (by means of mechanical alterations); or (c) pesticides, baits, and/or growth regulators. Good housekeeping is an impor­tant factor in the control of many structural pests. If the recommendations are not followed then the pest may survive. Good housekeeping is essential in this five step process. If housekeeping is not up to par, a recommendation to fix the deficiencies will be required.

During the prescription phase, pesticides can be used. Baits are another method of eliminating pest from your environment. Baits have to be strategically placed in a way that non target pets and birds are not harmed.

The Application

The safe implementation of the prescription is the application. If the prescription phase is successful then the application phase will work.

The Evaluation

Periodic evaluations will be necessary to determine if the five step program reduced or eliminated pest. Precise documentation will give you the history of the pest found on the property.

Green pest service is simple and safe. It is a common sense approach to pest problems. The five step approach to resolving pest issues will keep your premises pest free.