How To Remove Animals From The Attic

Animals love attics and usually damage the attic insulation. To prevent further damage to the insulation, it’s wise that you remove the animals as soon as you identify that they are there. To guide you here are ways on how to remove the animals from the attic:


Raccoons are very smart; therefore, it’s very difficult to catch and remove them from the attic. To easily catch them you need to know the holes that they use to get into the space.

After identifying the hole you should place a cage trap near the hole. If there are baby raccoons in the attic and you can’t find the mother, you should place the babies in a cage trap and use them to draw in the mother. For ideal results you should monitor the babies closely and keep them protected from weather and predators.


Rats are the most common animals in attics. This is because they like the attic space as it provides them with safety and quiet. To know if your attic has rats you only need to take a look at the fecal waste. Rats use feces to mark their territories; therefore, if there are rats in the attic, you will most definitely find the rats.

The best way of getting rid of the rats is by using traps. To easily catch them you need to place the traps in the area where the rats frequently pass through. To help you find the areas that the rat frequently uses you need to take a look at grease marks. If the area has a lot of grease marks, it means that the rats use the area a lot of time thus you need to place the traps there.

Once you have caught the rats you should remove all the fecal material. You should also patch the holes to ensure that no other rats get into the attic.


The easiest way of removing the squirrels from the attic is finding the holes that they use to get in and out of the attic. You should then set a trap near the hole. You should avoid using poison to control the squirrels. This is to avoid having the powerful smell that comes from a dead squirrel. The best traps to use are lethal and live traps.


In addition to the above animals, other animals that are common in attics are snakes, bats, and opossums. If you are scared of removing the animals, you should highly consider hiring a professional to do the work for you.