Can a Mosquito Misting System Help You in Winter?

A mosquito misting system is designed to automatically spray a fine mist of insecticide around the foliage in your yard. The spray direction should cover the underside and top of the leaves, thus rendering them lethal to mosquitoes when they land. This creates, in effect, a perimeter barrier to mosquitoes so that only those already within your perimeter can attack you.

If your mosquito misting system is biodegradable, which most are, the spray will last only a short period of time. However, because it is applied automatically at preset intervals, the protection is continually being refreshed and so the life of the active insecticide is immaterial. So to answer the question, can a mosquito spray help you in winter? Not really, but it can help if you have a particularly mild winter when temperatures reach above 50 degrees.

Activity of Mosquitoes – And Inactivity!

Mosquitoes become inactive at 50F, and this applies anywhere in the world. There are some species that can remain active at lower temperatures, but most species in the southern states die or lie dormant until temperatures rise – usually in the spring.

However, with global warming and climate change, nobody knows what next spring will bring – or even this winter! Even now, ambient temperatures are higher than they were last year and it is not impossible that you may see mosquitoes flying around later this year than last. Many believe it likely that they will emerge earlier next year and catch you unawares before you can organize mosquito sprays and set up a new mosquito misting system.

So, while it is unlikely that a mosquito misting system can help you in winter, it may be practical to install such a mosquito control system before spring is due. You might then catch the early risers: those that have been lying dormant along with the larvae that have overwintered and then developed into adults.

Mosquito Misting System Installation

Not all mosquito control companies work over the winter, because generally there is little need for their services. However, as global warming proceeds, and late fall and late winter ambient temperatures increase, it is likely that mosquito misting equipment will have to be installed well before spring, and possibly even towards the end of fall!

How do you install a mosquito misting system? You must first contact your local mosquito control company. They will then visit your home and assess the type of misting system you require. It involves a system of pipe-work to cover your entire yard including spray heads. These can be fed from individual containers for each head or a central tank to hold the insecticide. The system can be set to be actuated manually or automatically at set time periods.

When Should I Install a Misting System?

If you live in a particularly mosquito-prone area, such as Atlanta Georgia, particularly close to the Chattahoochee and Nancy Creek Rivers, then you should be thinking of having your system installed well before spring. February might not be too soon, and you should be contacting your preferred Atlanta mosquito control company soon because they will be busy come March.

So, can a mosquito misting system help you in winter? Perhaps, but it can sure help you in early spring. So don’t delay – start planning now for a mosquito-free spring or you might find that global warming and climate change has enabled these pesky creatures to waken up and make your life a misery sooner than you think!