What to Expect During a Home Inspection

Homeowners, home buyers, and banks frequently use the services of a home inspector to evaluate a property and outline what repairs need to be done prior to the home being sold. The homeowner then has the choice to fix the problem or to take money off of the sale price of the home. Whatever the conclusion, there are certain tasks that the home inspector performs that you should know of so that you know what to expect.

Here is what you can expect:

� First, you need to find an inspector if one has not been found for you by another party. Those that are members of such associations as the American Society of Home Inspectors is what you want to look for.

� The inspector will evaluate the foundation, floor structure, framing, roof, and ceiling. Each area will be described and the method used to inspect each area will be recorded. Do not expect there to be an opinion regarding the construction of the home.

� When inspecting the roof, everything including draining systems will be evaluated.

� The siding, doors, walkways, pathways, and attached structures (porches, sun rooms, etc.) will be described and evaluated. The grading and drainage will also be inspected.

� Electrical system such as the wiring and cabling, interior components, switches, fixtures, smoke detectors, voltage and amperage, alarms, and anything electrical will be evaluated.

� The plumbing structures, heating devices, valve locations, energy sources, water and fuel will be described and inspected.

� Heating and air conditioning systems will be inspected.

� Insulation and ventilation. Insulation and ventilation may be in the attic of your home, so the inspector will need to access this area.

� Basement walls and flooring. It is important to locate any leakage. If a musty smell exists, then the inspector knows that there is a leak somewhere and will proceed to find the area. This could be due to foundation failure.

You can expect the inspection to take a few hours. Once the inspection is complete, you will be provided with a report. If the inspection is for you to buy the home, the bank will be provided with a report as well. It is important that the bank knows that they are not financing a piece of property that could be an extreme loss if you were to default on your mortgage. They want to know that they could sell it if they had to.