Preparing Your Home For Inspection

Nobody is perfect and the same goes for houses. When preparing your home for an inspection there is a good chance that you will miss things someone who is certified may not. Always be sure to make your home as tidy and accessible as possible. And when you are preparing, here are three major areas that need to be covered.


Look critically at your house and try to assess whether there is “easy” access for burglaries by a thief Is there an easily accessible basement? Is the home in plain view so the neighbors can not see if something is wrong?

Consequences In the councils of light that automatically turns on, so the house always looks occupied out and get the neighbors to look after the house when you are away?

Water consumption

Determine how old the house water pipes are. This applies both pipes inside the house and out from the water meter and into the house. The newer the pipes, the smaller is the risk of bursting.

 What is the probability of missed taps? Do you have children who “forget” water taps, you have water hoses, which are fixed on the irrigation in a greenhouse?

Power consumption

Try to go around in the house one evening when the light is off and see how many small lamps are lit! Look at the guarantee certificates for freezer, refrigerator, stove, washing machine and other high consumption appliances. Are they more than five to eight years old? It’s a good idea to check how greedy they are when it comes to energy.