Complete Pest and Termite Solution

Termite services in Melbourne are available easily but to select a licensed exterminator may be little difficult. Frontline termites and pest control are involved in termite treatment and control for last 10 years. The solutions are not only for residential properties but also for commercial ones.

To get effective services you should entrust the task to licensed, professional and properly trained service providers. The inspection of the house by a qualified inspector will let you know the type of infestation and suitable treatment for combating it. The service provider should have a license number. You can check their reliability by finding their information by calling their office or if they have any website.

You should get guarantee and insure the work they do for you. It is better if the services are available on weekends so that you can devote enough time. It is better if the technicians are licensed by Department of Health and services and hold Red cards.

Termite is a new technology for termite detection. This technique is based on a technology similar to RADAR and is developed and invented in Australia. This process does not involve drilling, prodding or tapping.

Termite control services are of different types one of the types is Bait treatment. Here bait stations are placed around your house. These baits have wood that attracts termites. Once the activities of termites have increased in the baits then these baits are replaced by poisonous baits. The termites carry this poisonous material to their colonies as well as they take food. Thus the poisonous substance would control the population of termites in their colonies and not only the termites that come and feed on the bait.

Barrier Treatment is one of the low cost options of termite treatment but is very effective. In this treatment the poison for termites is placed in the termite affected area and when they visit that place. This poison is passed on to all the termites that come in the contact of these termites and they all die.

A lot of termites are repelled by the Termite barriers and very few of them are killed by the poisonous substance used as toxin for termites. Termites make use of the gaps and start entering the building. termite treatment is one such thing which is not detected by termites and the termites do not avoid entering the treated area and get the lethal dose.

Pest inspection spreads and binds to the organic matter around the treated area. With the increasing distance from the treated area the concentration of the termites do not detect that and keep on feeding and carrying the low of Termidor to their colonies. This low dose is effective in wiping out the colonies. The more they get close to the treated area the quicker they die.

Researches in Australia prove that the total time involved in termite elimination and pest control is 2 to 4 weeks. Bait system is the fastest way to do this and you do not require too many visits of the pest control operator.