Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners – A Budget-Friendly Solution for Both Summer and Winter

With the arrival of summer ever year, the demand for air conditioners in Australia increases rapidly. A recent report reveals that 74% of houses in Australia have some kind of air conditioning. It is very much justifiable as dealing with the increasing heat every summer is becoming unbearable.

And then, you also need a heating solution in winter. Just take yourself back to the freezing wintry days and nights, especially in the areas like Canberra, Victoria and Melbourne.

So, if you are going to buy air conditioner this summer, do not only restrain your thoughts to devices that come with a cooling solution. Go for the devices that can give you comfort both in winter and summer.

An Ideal Deal

A Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner or Air-Source Heat Pump is obviously an ideal deal as it comforts you both in winter and summer. At the very same time, it is far cheaper than using burning gas for heating houses in winter.

Air-Source Heat Pumps generate a renewable energy from the air outside your house. During this procedure, they generate up to 4.8 units free heat by using every one unit of electricity. This proves how efficient they are.

Suitable for the Cities like Canberra and Melbourne

According to the reports of University of Melbourne Energy Institute and Alternative Technology Association, the use of Air-Source Heat Pumps will reduce the cost of heating up to A$658 per year in Melbourne and up to A$1733 per year in Canberra.

The climate of Canberra is mostly dry. The summers are too hot and the winters are too cold to bear. Here, both cooling device and burning gas are used in huge amount. To cope with such conditions in a cost effective way, the Air-Source Heat Pumps are the most suitable options in your hands.

The use of Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners in Melbourne can prove to be the most effective way to deal with the weather conditions here. The city is well known for its ever changing weather. It is said that all the four seasons can be experienced in a single day in Melbourne. So, there is no doubt about the fact that the device is certainly beneficial whether you consider comfort or energy efficiency.

Facts to Consider While Buying

There are several companies that deal in Manufacturing Air-Source Heat Pumps. Before choosing one among them, you should inquire how many years of warranty comes with the device. Some reputed brands provide six years of warranty. You also need to check whether the device is dehumidified and filtered. Last, but not the least, the device should be whisper quiet while it is on.

Facts to Consider During Installation

You may need to remove the tiles or sheets from the roof if the machine is to be installed in the roof space. It is required to put the fan coil internally. You also need to have a suitable outdoor unit that is free from all obstacles and dust.

A good number of professionals are engaged in selling, installing and repairing Air-Source Heat Pumps in the cities like Melbourne, Canberra etc. While selecting one, make it certain that the professional is in the field from a long period of time. Apart from this, the company should be multi-licensed, fully insured and budget friendly.