Air Conditioner – 5 Tips to Save Money on Your Air Cooling Bill

With increasing energy costs each year, you may be looking for a way to stay cool in your home during the warm summer months while finding a way to lowering your air conditioner bill. Rising gas or electricity charges can really add up and the bill can be shocking. Whether your home is large or small, there are specific things you can do to help save you money while you remain comfortable in the sweltering heat. Running a ceiling fan can help, but you incur costs from that too. There are more than five things you can do, but the top five will definitely improve your savings and help you to avoid the utility-bill blues. Take advantage of these tips today.

Top 5 tips for saving money on your air conditioner bill:

  1. Install and setup a programmable digital thermostat – program this to a warmer setting while you are away from home and during the hours you or your family is sleeping.
  2. Change your furnace filter – regularly changing your furnace filter, per the manufacturer’s recommendation, will help your furnace to run more efficiently and allow for proper air flow.
  3. Check all your vents and air ducts for leaks or debris – Leaks or debris blocking the vents can prevent proper airflow and distribution of cooler air into the rooms of your home.
  4. Close southern facing window, blinds, or curtains – southern facing windows, while open, allow the sun’s natural heat to raise temperatures in a specific room as well as distribute heat within your house.
  5. Have your ac unit serviced or tuned up – servicing your air conditioner will keep your appliance running at optimum level reducing its energy consumption and ensuring it will continue to do the proper cooling when needed.

As you can see, these tips are simple. The savings you achieve will vary depending on the temperature settings you choose for your home and what tips you use, but you should see a decrease in your energy bill if you apply all five tips. However, if you do not see any savings it could be time to replace your air conditioner for a more efficient model. There are many energy efficiency air conditioner models available in today’s market. Contact a professional heating and air contractor to purchase and install a seasonal energy efficient ratio (SEER) rated ac unit to immediately start saving on your energy costs. The higher the ratio rating the better the efficiency will be.