4 Reasons to Choose a Wire Fan Guard

When it comes to selecting a guard for your cooling fan, there are several different options on the market, including plastic fan guards, wire fan guards and those that are coated with various substances for different finishes. All have their distinct advantages and disadvantages, as with every kind of product.

However, there are some compelling reasons why a wire fan guard can be the best choice for you. If you find yourself needing an item with the following four qualities, wire fan guards could well be the ideal option for you invest in to protect your fan and keep it working optimally.

Firstly, these particular types of fan guard are great for many as they are extremely durable. This is due to the material they are made from, which is often stainless steel coated with options such as zinc plating, chrome or an epoxy powder coating.

Wire guards will stand up to a lot of use, and as they do not rust because they are manufactured from stainless steel – this also means that corrosion will not be a problem either. The rigid structure is also highly unlikely to be bent out of shape, and these items will resist being shattered or broken due to any kind of impact.

A second reason why you might consider investing in one of these products is that they come in a range of different sizes and shapes, making them perfect for use on all kinds of cooling fans. Indeed, it is even possible to have custom made wire fan guards produced if you have very specific requirements to adhere to.

This can be compared with other guards – such as plastic ones – which although very useful in many circumstances, are a little more limited in the sizes available and the possibility for customisation. If you are looking for a fan guard that will can be adapted to your specific needs and size requirements then this may be the right choice.

Thirdly, choosing a wire guard is a good choice if you need very efficient airflow when it comes to cooling your electronics. This is due to the efficient designs that can be achieved easily with wire, unlikely plastic fan guards or other common options that you can find on the market.

As wire is a very flexible and customisable option, it is possible to create designs that allow for maximum airflow by spacing wires further apart so that more air can travel through the barrier to cool the electronics in question. In general, wire fan guards offer excellent air flow due to the small surface area of the metal compared with the ‘gaps’ between wires.

The final advantage of these particular types of guard is that they offer excellent protection to fans. The reason for this is that they are very tough, and can prevent items from damaging the fan, despite the fact that great airflow is also facilitated by the design. This is because a wire guard often features many wire rings and ribs that can stop impact damage occurring.

Of course, this all depends on the particular design, but the more wire used generally means that an effective barrier is likely to be formed. As metal is such a sturdy material, you will also not have to worry about this barrier being ‘breached’, or shattering or breaking, as mentioned above.

These are just four reasons why a wire fan guard might be the perfect choice for you and your electronics cooling fan. From the range of choice of sizing right through to durability, there are plenty of reasons why this option could be the ideal product for your needs.