Why Other Flooring Just Can’t Compete With Laminate

Tough to beat in every way, laminate flooring is here to stay. Laminate Flooring is a multi-layered wood based floating floor system. Attractive, versatile and extremely durable, these floor coverings can be installed over almost any existing flooring fairly easily. The host of popular finish options allows you to pick the perfect looking floor to suit your style and furnishings in each and every room of your house.

Laminates have become increasingly popular over recent years for so many reasons. Not least of all because not only do they look good but laminates are resistant to stains, fading, scratches and moisture. They are extremely easy to clean as well which is wonderful for families and busy people (and aren’t we all!). Dirty dog paws and kids spilled milkshakes won’t even raise and eyebrow as it’s just a simple matter of wiping it off.

Laminate is a very economical flooring option as not only is it much cheaper to buy than most floors but over the long term its durability and the fact that it needs almost no maintenance makes it a sensible choice as far as money is concerned. In fact they are so durable that many laminate flooring manufacturers offer warranty protection against them for a long period of time (usually up to 25 years or more).

Laminates are also more hygienic and clean than most other floors and are wonderful for people with allergies. It accumulates less dust, pet fur and allergens.

As if that all wasn’t enough, laminate flooring is easy to install and many people can choose to do it themselves thereby reducing the costs even further. These floor coverings can be installed over almost any existing flooring easily and look great. Laminate floors are a tongue and groove interlocking flooring system that allows an easy installation. The floor is simply laid over the top of an existing substrate. The substrate is a flat hard surface like concrete slab, sheet vinyl flooring, plywood, hardwood flooring, etc. that supports the floating laminated floor.

It is no wonder that Laminate Floors have become so incredibly popular!