Bring Solar Power Into a Home With New Products for 2016

There are plenty of new and exciting solar products on the market this year, which makes for a thrilling opportunity for home owners to add value and save money on their bills. Implementing solar power has been steadily growing in popularity over the last ten to twenty years. There are many big name companies as well as new that are emerging as leaders in the solar power market.

Enphase, Trina, Canadian Solar, First Solar and SunPower are just a few producing solar panels, micro converters and more. Explore the products below and see how they can be integrated into the home for a more efficient and green lifestyle.

Solar Deck and Stairway Lights – Not only does this addition make outdoor living and stairways safer, but they add an element of comfort and interest. On the deck, solar lights can be attached to the railing or on the posts where they collect sunlight in the daytime and instantly glow when it becomes dark. On the stairway, recessed solar lights won’t get in the way but will provide a gentle glow for going up or down the stairs at night.

Solar Panels – When converting sunlight to electricity there’s a reduction in the dependence on fossil fuel. Solar power can instantly lower a home’s energy usage and cost, and protect owners from increasing electricity prices. Enphase and SunPower are popular companies for the latest in panels.

Solar-powered water heaters- Solar water heater systems have storage tanks and solar collecting mechanisms. Homeowners can choose from two types: Active water heaters have circulating pumps and controls; passive do not.

Solar Tubes – Solar tubes are cylindrical mechanisms that are used to bring natural light into the home. They are the perfect replacement for electric lights. They’re also known as pipes and scopes, and can make a huge difference within the home.

Solar Screens – Solar screens are a great option to traditional window treatments. Not only do they keep out glare, they can also reduce damage to carpeting and furniture caused by sun.

Gaining Credit for Solar Improvements

Anyone who has installed these products and more from SunPower, Enphase, First Solar or any other solar supplier can get government credit on their tax returns. The Residential Energy Efficient Property Credit is available in 2016 and likely beyond. It is 30 % of the total cost of any alternative equipment installed in the home. This includes but is not limited to solar hot water heaters, wind turbines, and any solar electric equipment.

There’s absolutely no limit to the credit available to homeowners for the majority of property types. In fact, if it’s more than the tax owed one can carry the amount unused into the next year’s return! Why not take advantage of this opportunity and keep it in mind when choosing which improvements to make with SunPower, Enphase or other popular solar power companies.

The Benefit of Using a Leading Company

The top companies for solar products have done extensive research on what they offer, and take everything into consideration when developing them. One advantage to this is easier installation. However, the most powerful advantage is that of cost savings, since their products are made to last the homeowner will not have to replace them as often.

Companies like SunPower and Enphase among others haven’t gotten to their success easily. They are constantly developing better ways to convert sunlight into energy, and offer their products all across the globe.

For Enphase and most other companies their commitment to keeping the planet strong and healthy and turning focus to green energy remains at the forefront of all their goals. Investing the time to find a company that uses products from trusted companies is another step towards getting a home almost completely solar powered and extremely efficient.