Are Conservatories Energy Efficient?

The benefits of conservatories are undeniable. From the extra space they give you and your family to the increase in value of your property, there are more reasons to invest in a conservatory than there are days in the year. That being said, conservatories can be a significant investment for many homeowners and considering the decision carefully is always recommended. Something that comes up time and time again though when discussing conservatories is the issue of energy efficiency. As energy prices rise and the need to keep our home warm increases, homeowners are naturally worried that adding a conservatory to their home may make it less energy efficient. So, let’s address those fears.

At one point in time, when conservatories were primarily single glazed and constructed from wood, conservatories were very inefficient extensions to your home. Though adept at keeping the wind from your interior, heat would pour from your home out of these extensions and do some serious damage to your energy bill. Thankfully, that isn’t the case anymore. As consumer demand for warmer and more efficient conservatories has increased, so too has the conservatory’s ability to handle those demands, and today these extensions are excellent at keeping heat within your home.

Because of the mostly glass construction of these extensions they act as a buffer between the outside world and the inside of your home, maintaining a heat constantly a few degrees over the outside temperature. This is because of heat from the sun getting trapped inside the conservatory and heating up the air inside. This makes a conservatory great for winter when the outside air is brisk and uncomfortable.

Modern double glazing techniques are now excellent at maintaining constant temperatures throughout the year. Alas, because of the exposed nature of a conservatory, there will always be a temperature discrepancy between it and the rest of your home. This can be alleviated through the installation of a door between the extension and the rest of the house or through triple glazing, which provides yet more protection from the outside world and even more efficiency.

Different types of conservatory will also yield different efficiency results. For example, an orangery style with a stone lower half will be slightly warmer than a full glass conservatory, for obvious reasons. Regardless, conservatories today are much more efficient than they used to be, and are still an excellent way to extend your home and improve your quality of life.