New House Building Project Turns Into Family Tree

Whether it’s used as a fort, clubhouse, or just a place to dream, is there anyone who wouldn’t love to have a tree house in their backyard? Your whole family will enjoy creating a spot for your children to play and relax as they use their imaginations to discover exciting backyard adventures.

Of course, any new house building project does require some planning. So, let’s get started.

Location, Location, Location Still Applies

You need to choose the location for your project. It is important to choose a healthy, living tree that has a large enough trunk and sturdy lower branches capable of supporting your tree house. Younger trees may not have the strength needed to hold the structure, and those nearing the end of their life may be too brittle or even rotten inside the trunk. Be sure to check with a professional arborist before you begin your build in order to ensure that your selection is alive and thriving, as well as robust enough to hold your tree house for many years to come.

Deep and well-established roots are essential to the lifespan of the “Family Tree House.” Hardwoods such as oak, maple, and apple can make good foundations for the family project. There shouldn’t be any sign of parasites or disease, as these will weaken the basis for support.

Strong roots might also develop between parents and children as they work side by side to accomplish a common goal.

Give the Whole Family a Say

Any new house building project is an excellent opportunity to spend outdoor family time with your kids and nurture open communication and listening skills. Learning to compromise, negotiate, and accept other ideas is all part of a healthy upbringing, and will serve children well for years to come. Ask them to help make decisions about style, materials, and techniques to decorate the inside. After all, this is their place to have fun, so they should be included in the planning stages. The project can be a learning opportunity for both you and them.

Older children can do some research on new house building strategies and techniques using the internet or library resources. Once they have gathered some information, they can present and discuss it with the whole family before everyone comes to a decision. Younger children will be excited to pick colors and do some of the painting. Knowing that the time and talent of each and every family member is valued and appreciated will make the final outcome that much more special.

Weekend sleepovers, tea parties, and after-school play dates will all be more fun-filled thanks to the “Family Tree Project.”