Janitorial Services Government Contracts

Some janitorial cleaning services choose to bid on government contracts for cleaning jobs. If you know how the bidding process works, it will be easy. One important thing to remember is if you are bidding on janitorial services for projects and public buildings, you will have to pay what the prevailing wages are. These wages are usually based on the union wages in your region. When bidding, the proposal for the bid will usually list the wages you have to pay your employees.

Proposal list

Bid proposals for government contracts work in two ways: it is an open bidding process or invitation to bid. To be on the list for an invitation, some will require your janitorial services to become a qualified vendor first. This includes you to submit a copy of your business licenses or your insurance documents. Other government agencies just require that if you are invited to bid that you answer their requests for a proposal.

Proposal request lists

This list will give your company a general idea of the services that are needed. The RFP (requests for proposals) will detail:

• The scope of the work

• Current wage requirements

• Needed insurance

• Any meetings before proposal is submitted

• Date you must respond

The proposal will also include the scoring processes that are used to award the contract. You will also have a section about the proper format for your bid document and pricing.

Review the request for proposals

Before you start filling out the proposal make sure that you do a careful review of it so you will know how to respond to the proposal. The proposal may request that the owner of the janitorial service company provide resumes of all the key officials of the company. It will state when that information is due. By doing a complete analysis of the proposal you will know if you have enough staff to fulfill the contract and if not you will have to hire more employees to be able to fulfill the contract. If there are any special things like security clearance needed for your employees and any bonds needed.

Bid meetings

The owner of the janitorial services must attend all meetings even they have no questions. At these meetings, you will see who your competition is along with anything that was not highlighted in the proposal. During the question-and-answer part of the meeting, it can even help you decide if your janitorial services company wants to bid on the contract.

Response to your RFP

To ensure that your bid is given consideration for being awarded the contract make sure that you follow all the instructions completely. This can include correct formatting, putting in a binder, or leaving it unbound, etc.