Your Shower Door Can Have A Huge Impact On The Look And Feel Of Your Bathroom!

These days shower doors come in a wide variety of styles and designs. It’s worth putting some thought into finding one that both suits your needs and looks great. Installing a shower stall enclosure can bring your bathroom bang up to date in terms of style and functionality. But careful consideration is important when choosing which type of shower door would work best in your particular bathroom. As well as choosing a door that looks sleek and modern, the size and layout of your bathroom must be taken into account.

Sliding shower doors are the most common type. They take up the least amount of room, and can be fitted above a bathtub where space is at a premium. Because they glide open and shut, bypass sliding doors need tracks to operate. One downside of this design is that dirt and oil can accumulate in the tracks, which can be difficult to keep clean. Another disadvantage is that because of the nature of their design, sliding doors overlap, again causing potential cleaning issues.

Another sort is folding shower doors, which swing open on hinges. Folding doors are excellent for creating an elegant look and feel, but they do require enough space to be able to open outward. They can swing both ways, or just in one direction. A single action door must open outwards into the bathroom to prevent the user becoming stuck inside the shower enclosure. For this reason you will need to pay attention to the positioning of your bathroom fixtures to make sure the door doesn’t hit your sink, for example.

Bi fold or trackless shower doors are a combination of the above designs. They work in an accordion style, with folding sections. There are several benefits of this type of door. They use a minimum amount of space to operate, and they have no tracks to keep clean. They also offer barrier free access, so can be suitable for handicap shower stalls.

Frameless shower doors made from all glass are a popular style these days, they help create a more open and lighter feeling, suggesting an illusion of space. They are also easier to keep clean than traditional framed models. Shower door hardware comes in a choice of finishes, including chrome and brass, so you can match it to your faucets and bathroom cabinet handles. Glass shower doors come in a variety of patterns, from clear to etched to molded. Glass can be kept free of mold by simply using a squeegee to wipe away water drops.

When choosing a shower door, think about what design would look the best, and which style would work well in the space available. With a bit of planning your shower door can be the icing on the cake in your bathroom’s makeover!