A Great Idea When You Have Limited Space for a Basin

You don’t have to stress about a limited amount of space, you can install a semi recessed basin. This type of design takes up far less space, and it offers a unique appearance. You still have the room you need inside of the sink for washing up, brushing your teeth, and other tasks. Yet you no longer feel like it is just too tight of a squeeze in there.

This type of design features part of the sink being inset to the front of the vanity. This means you will still have some counterspace. There are options that include shelving below the sink area too. All of this is created to help you get the most you can from the space that is allotted. The designs are numerous and you can have fun shopping around for a look you like and that fits.

Selecting a Design

While there is no right or wrong design when you shop for a semi recessed basin, you have to be practical. It is best to choose one based on the amount of space you have, the functionality it can deliver and what is the best overall fit for the area of your bathroom for a sink to be placed into. Match that up with a design offered and you will have a winning outcome you love!

You may think such a design is going to be expensive but it doesn’t have to be! You can invest in a well-made semi recessed basin for a great price. It all depends on what you buy, where you shop, and what it is made from. You don’t need the most expensive one out there to make a difference.


You need much more though than just a great looking design from a semi recessed basin to be happy. You need to know the investment is going to be durable and stand up to the test of time. You need to know the investment isn’t going to be one you have to make again any time soon. Carefully evaluate the quality of the materials used for the product before you buy it.

There is plenty of information out there about brand quality and reviews from other customers. Their information can help you to decide what to look at closer and what you should definitely not buy. Evaluate prices and compare warranty details too. You want to feel confident that your purchase decision was a great one rather than wished you got something else.

Stylish and Flexible

With the help of a semi recessed basin, you can create a stylish and flexible bathroom layout. You may not have the desire or the money to completely remodel that area of your home. Yet you can make the best of the space you do have with this type of change. It is going to be functional and work out. It will also make your home enticing should you decide to sell it.

Rather than potential buyers seeing the bathroom as a disappointment, they will like the unique flow of it. This can help you to get a great offer on it soon after you put it on the market. Don’t underestimate the value of those small touches and how they can enhance the appeal of your home in the eyes of others.

The silver lining though is you will really love your semi recessed basin and how it offers a classy look in the bathroom. It gives you the space you need and an upgrade that looks intentional rather than what could be squeezed in there.